”National Business Anti-Corruption Ombudsman Platform”

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”… only an effective coalition of state, business and civil society can bring transparency and accountability to governance – not only to fight corruption, but other ills of globalization too, including injustice and inequity, poverty, violence, conflict, environmental destruction and climate change.”

Prof. dr. Peter EIGEN

National Anti-Corruption
Civil Society and Business Environment Pact
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Round Table in view of establishing the Task Force Groups of the
National Business Anti-Corruption Ombudsman Platform

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European Financial Investigator

~ Training Session ~

Neptun – Hotel Q, 2-8 July 2017

European Best Practices Transfer Conference & Training Session
Bucharest – ROMANIA, 25 – 27 May 2017


In Romania, according to the recent Cooperation and Verification Mechanism reports (European Commission) and of the Group of States against Corruption reports (GRECO – Council of Europe), there is a problem with the full compliance of the Romanian legal system regarding an accurate and transparent implementation of governmental and non-governmental projects, especially but not only supported by the EU funds. The Romanian civil society and the young generation feel concerned about the impact of high-level political and administrative corruption. This leads to the need that a deeper focus should be put on the techniques and dissemination of European good practices, mainly in the field of prevention of corruption and education of decision-makers, practitioners and representatives of interest-groups.

Especially in the context of democratic crisis in various Central European societies, this situation implies a strengthening of the awareness and knowledge process of the target-groups regarding the importance of prevention and of the closer co-operation with more advanced European partners.

The event aims to stimulate a needed exchange of views between the main decision-makers in the field of justice, and also to contribute to the adoption of proposals and recommendations to be forwarded to the European Commission and Parliament, the Superior Council of Magistracy, the Romanian Parliament and Government for supporting the compliance between the practices and standards in the field of rule of law and the full respect of human rights with the other European and USA counterparts.

In this way, both parts of our European event will be focused on the upgrading of Romania’s country rating through an improvement of the national practices in respect to GRECO, CEDO, European Commission and OECD recommendations.

The target impact, at the end of the event, there will be elaborated the Action Plan for establishing the future Romanian Anti-Corruption Ombudsman Platform. Through monitoring the public contracts with private international and national companies, this platform is aimed to support the required affiliation of Romania to OECD Anti Bribery Convention & Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions and the success of the accession of the Romanian State to OECD.