At the recommendation of the European Commission, the content of the edition 2013 of the European Maritime Day has to focus especially on sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in the wider context of “blue growth”. We remind that “Blue growth” is the EU’s strategy to boost growth and jobs in the maritime and coastal economy focusing particularly on sectors such as shipping, tourism, energy, research and sustainable development.

In the Capital of Romania, we plan to organise this event in the light of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), in order to better tackle the common problems of our confluence area between Danube River, Danube Delta and the Black Sea coast.

Following a consultation with the Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Bucharest, the organisers decided to practically stimulate the establishing of new coalition of partners and partnerships between public and private organisations from Austria, as a more advanced example of market economy and knowledge partner and Romania, as a newly EU integrated country and still in a process of institutional and economic reforms. Obviously, other common stakeholders from partner regions/countries are more than welcomed. The design of this unique event is aimed to combine practical presentations, best practices transfer dialogue and face-to-face meetings, as a special tool in order to favor the business matchmaking.

In this context, we remind that we already acquired a quite relevant inter-communication, advocacy and lobby experience, starting with the establishing of the Black Sea – Danube Regional Network for Social & Economic Innovation. Through our involvement within various European and national networks, we also succeeded to expand a National Network of Promoters, Facilitators and Experts of EUSDR (“PROFEX”), and  to create a flexible platform for the consolidation / dissemination of the Danubian issues and studies, through the International Honorary Chair in support of EUSDR (“CIO-SUERD”).



EUSDR Open Call    Apel SUERD

History of the initiative:

Palace of the Parliament – Bucharest, 19 – 21 May 2011

“Black Sea Basin – Danube Region: New Financing for Social & Economic Sustainable Change”

The first edition of the International Regional Fair was organised under the aegis of DG MARE – European Commission, and the Honorary Patronage of the Chairmanship of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC).

This was the first and unique event entirely dedicated to Inform, Debate, Networking (partners’ search) and Lobby in view of the efficient absorption of the new EU financing support for innovation and social-economic reform in the Black Sea Basin and the Danube Region.

For more information, please visit European Maritime Day 2011 website.

Palace of the Parliament – Bucharest, 17 – 18 May 2012 

“The Strategic Confluence between Black Sea and Danube – the gate towards new innovative investment opportunities”

The second edition of the High Level Stakeholder Forum was organised under the aegis of the European Commission – DG MARE, with the support of BSEC Presidency and of the National Coordinator of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region – Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The structure of the Forum included an information, counseling and networking session, designed to recommend Social Media & Knowledge Management (KM) integrated solutions for a better promotion and access to the new financing programs, through implementing the EU Strategy for the Danube Region and the Black Sea Synergy.

For more information, please visit European Maritime Day 2012 website.

Structure of the event:

Taking into account the major regional challenges and also the cardinal Romanian development priorities, we structured the High Level Forum in the following working and debate sections:

Section 1.

To Relaunch a dynamic and integrated Danubian and coastal tourism: between the “green way” (focused on cruise sector) and the “blue destination” (focused on Black Sea  cooperation)

This section will concern the new opportunities for the Danube and sea tourism in the Danube – Black Sea confluence area. In the context of a new Danube Strategy, a lot of changes and opportunities recently are arising. However, also a lot of standardization and compatibility efforts are to be done in order to re-design a profitable cruise sector along the Danube headed for the Danube Delta and the Black Sea coast.

Section 2.

The opportunities provided by social innovation for tackling youth unemployment and boosting smart investment

This section will comment and debate the ways to use and adapt the Youth Employment Package in the Danube – Black Sea region, especially using the opportunities provided by the Social Innovation Initiative promoted by the European Commission and EUCLID Network. A special focus is given to the possibilities to stimulate the professional mobility of young people through developing major vocational education projects at Danubian scale.



Face-to-face” negotiations with Austrian and other Danubian countries’ partners for generating new consortia for EUSDR projects.



Vernissage of the photo exhibition “Austrian Dream” by Constantin SEVERIN, awarded in 2012 with the Trophy Black Sea – Danubian Social & Economic Innovator