Michael_SCHWARZINGERDear Potential Guest/Participant,

we are delighted to invite you to take part to of our upcoming 3rd edition of the Annual High Level Stakeholders’ Forum, organised on the occasion of the European Maritime Day, under the High Patronage of the EU Presidency and in co-operation with the Embassy of Austria, which will take place in Bucharest, at the Romanian Banking Institute, 23-24 May 2013. The main Romanian Institutional Partners are: the Romanian Banking Institute, the Romanian Academy and the Office of the National Coordinator for EUSDR Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In this respect, we are also pleased to inform you that our activity for supporting the implementation of EUSDR, as well as of further synergic and innovative projects in the Black Sea-Danube region already started since May 2011, when a Regional Network for Social & Economic Innovation was launched at the Romanian Palace of Parliament, in the presence of most important officials and stakeholders from our geo-economic area.

This year, we aim to extend and consolidate our both academic and consultation/lobby campaign in favour of multi-national consistent pro-innovation projects. In this respect, we consider that a larger co-operation potential will be provided by renewing and making more concrete the partnership between Austrian and Romanian significant and pro-innovative entities/organisations. Such coalition of main Austrian and Romanian stakeholders could play a significant role in promoting in our less developed social-economic area the needed soft industrial revolution and the EU models of Green and Blue growth. Only mindful inter-communication and collaboration between on the one hand, the regional/national governments, and on the other hand, the academia and the business environment could ensure the establishing of a competitive generation of Danubian products and services, as well as a larger access to new markets resulted from such a co-operation. In the same context, the most interesting ideas, projects, initiatives and networks will be rewarded with the Trophies “Black Sea – Danubian Social & Economic Innovator” – 2013.

In this context, we propose you to join our Forum, which will be deployed as a Project Market Place for identifying the best ideas and partners from the entire Danube region for our common investment EUSDR projects. For more details and enrolment procedures, please consult: or contact our Organising Consortium a or phone/fax: +4021.2304997.

Thank you in advance for your expression of interest.

Dr. Michael SCHWARZINGER – Ambassador of Austria in Romania

Prof. Sever AVRAM – Project Coordinator