European Maritime Day 2014

European Maritime Day

At the recommendation of the European Commission, EUROLINK-House of Europe Foundation has organised, since 2011, the European Maritime Day in Romania. In 2014, the organisers will focus the event on the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), in order to better tackle the common problems of our confluence area between Danube River, Danube Delta and the Black Sea coast. The design of this unique event is aimed to combine practical presentations, best practices transfer dialogue and face-to-face meetings, as a special tool in order to favour the business matchmaking.

In this context, we remind that we already acquired a quite relevant inter-communication, advocacy and lobby experience, starting with the establishing of the Black Sea – Danube Regional Network for Social & Economic Innovation. Through our involvement within various European and national networks, we also succeeded to expand a National Network of Promotors, Facilitators and Experts of EUSDR (“PROFEX”), to create a flexible platform for the consolidation of Danubian studies, through the International Honorary Chair “Jean Bart” in support of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (“CIO-SUERD”), as well as to establish the Platform of Local Communities along the Danube River (CLDR).


The target audience of the event will consist of: regional networks and partnerships of private-public partnerships, cross-national projects and organisations, interdisciplinary academic groups, universities and research centres; consulting agencies and associations; national and bi-lateral chambers of commerce; business professional associations; diplomatic representatives; journalists; NGO representatives. The event will be opened to participants from all EUSDR countries.

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