The design of this unique event is aimed to combine practical presentations, best practices transfer dialogue and face-to-face meetings, as a special tool in order to favour the business matchmaking.


Section 1.  SMART Management for Investment Projects

Series of dramatic changes regarding the financing rules, bureaucratic procedures and investment opportunities are to happen in the immediate period. The new structure of Public Private Partnerships, the mix of financial sources and the increasing importance of the institutional lobby are to be more taking into account by stakeholders, mainly by consultants and managers.

The new EU way of thinking, concentrating the economic development within special macro-regions – Baltic Sea, Danube Region, Adriatic and Black Seas -, are to determine new type of co-operation between public and private partners and a much more pragmatic approach in order to improve the competitiveness capacity, especially in our new tripartite area of collaboration between Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.

These new trends require concrete measures through consultation between regions, cities and towns, and also a faster standardisation vision concerning the main investment projects in our macro-region in the various fields supported by the four EUSDR pillars, mainly concerning the urban development, the fight against climate changes, the promotion of a new green tourism, the insurance of a more secure political and economic environments for all Danubian partners.


Section 2. The new role of Entrepreneurial Education for promoting the macro-regional economic relaunching

The entire educational system in Europe is at the cross-road, especialy regarding its capacity to respond to the market needs and to the needed transmition of ethic values to the next generations. The inner conflict between the hyper-specialisation and the concern for cultivating a moral responsability to the young people became a major obstacle to be trespass in the future years. This means that academia and especially universities should open much more to concrete innovation at all levels, using the co-operation with the business sector and local communities as an educational vector.

For these reasons, in view of rebuilding the credibility and social role of academia in our Danube and Black Sea regions, we aim to formulate clear direction of action and present pragmatic recommendations towards universities and the business sector.  In this respect, we have to much better use the EU financing programs as COSME, Creative Europe, Horizon 2020 and the territorial co-operation programs (such as SEE and Black Sea programs) and integrate especially the German and Austria best practices concerning the dual education in Romania and our related area.


Practical Workshop & Team Simulation Exercise:
Innovation within the new EU Financing Programme “Horizon 2020″ – Opportunities for innovative businesses, especially for SMEs and research centres. Making use of financing, under the program “Horizon 2020″ for the benefit of the Danube macro-region, with a focus on projects of the “Russe Trilateral” – Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania.

This special module, supported by the EU/Romanian special representatives of the “Programme Horizon 2020″, is devoted mainly to entrepreneurs, managers and consultants interested to apply to the various financing lines for developing new innovative business.

The European experts of the program “Horizon 2020″ and the Ministry of Education will present a Case Study and realize a Simulation Team Exercise, based on the European Commission framework.

A key success factor will be the integration of the Danube Strategy major objectives with the “Programme Horizon 2020″, in order to establish new partnerships, synergies and concrete solutions. The participants will have the opportunity to better understand in practice what means “Danube added value impact” and how to foster their current logistic and knowledge capabilities in order to face the new EU competitiveness trends of the entire global market.

Speakers & Guests:

  • Mr. Viorel VULTURESCU – Director of International and European Partnership Department – Ministry of Education and Research
  • Mrs. Ioana ISPAS – Head of the Contact Point of the “Programme Horizon 2020″ for Romania
  • Mr. Adrian PASCU – EU Advisor to the Contact Point of the “Programme Horizon 2020″ for Romania
  • Mrs. Olivia COMSA – European Commission Expert /Researcher, CITON – Center of Technology and Engineering for Nuclear Projects


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