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Palace of the Parliament, 6 November 2008


Under the aegis of the CEFTAC Platform (Central European Advocacy for a Fair and Transparent Competition) –  the EUROLINK – House of Europe Foundation in Romania organised the 4th edition of the “European Competition and Competitiveness Day in Romania”. The event enjoyed of the Honorary Patronage of the European Union, currently represented in Romania by the Embassy of the Republic of France.

The event was held in Bucharest, at the Palace of the Parliament (“Constantin Brancusi” Hall), on the 6th of November 2008, with the kind support of the French Economic and Commercial Mission in Romania, the Institute for Competiton Law (Paris), the Romanian Chamber of Deputies.

The Official Partners of the event were: Deleanu Vasile - Attorneys at Law, member of the Warwick Legal Network and the international IMSAT Company. The Sponsor of the event was the law firm Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen, member of SEE Legal. Technical Sponsors: ROVIGO, KD Group and Phaeton Gala.

The general title of this year’s Debate and Public Consultation was “The New Action Plan of the European Commission for granting the State Aid. How prepared are the Romanian competition regulatory authorities from the point of view of the business environment and of the consumers' ascociations?“. We chose this topics inspired by other two events to be organised in November 2008: the European Competition Days (Paris), and also by the European Conference (Brussels), under the Patronage of Commissioner Neelie Kroes.

The event was held in the French, English and Romanian languages.



The stage of Romania’s preparation in view of the implementation of the new Action Plan of the European Commission on State Aid and of the respect of a strict  competition regime 


~ Executive Summary of the Public Consultation Report ~


Provisional Agenda 


12.30-13.30   Ceremony of awarding the distinctions Personality of the Year for a European Romaniaand of the Diplomas of Excellence for European Jurnalism

Special Guests:

§         High Representative of the Presidency of the European Union (Embassy of France)

§         High Representative of the Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament

§         Representative of the French Economic and Commercial Mission in Romania

§         Representative of the Jeremie Program - European Investment Fund

§         Representative of the Romanian Competition Council 

Welcome Cocktail. Networking Session.


13.30-15.15 Section I

"The new approach to State Aids and its consequences for the Romanian business environment in view of the newly adopted EC Regulation" ("General Block Exemption Regulation" - GBER - nr. L214/9.08.2008)

  • The role to be played by the various actors within the implementation of the European reform of State Aid policy

  • A forecast concerning the contribution of State Aid to the accomplishment of the Lisbon Strategy

  • The need for State Aid control in a globalised economic environment

  • The new challenges for the private sector, social partners, regulatory institutions and consumers

Opening Statement on the behalf of the European Commission – DG Competition: Deputy Director-General Dr. Herbert UNGERER

Official message on the behalf of the President of the Romanian Competition Council - Prof. Univ. Dr. Gheorghe OPRESCU



   Prof. Univ. Dr. Petre PRISECARU Romanian Academy

   Cristina VASILOIU – Journalist, “Economist Intelligence Unit”


Invited Speakers (already confirmed):

·    Av. Andrei UNGUREANU – Senior Partner, “Deleanu Vasile-Attorneys at Law” - Warwick Legal Network

·    Dr. Andreea VASS – Adviser, European Parliament

·    Av. Adrian STER – Competition Department, Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen – SEE Legal Group

·    Octavian SERBAN, MBA – Consultant, Ministry of Economy and Finances


15.15-15.30 Coffee break


15.30-17.15 Section II

"Methods and benefits of the objective evaluating of the performances of national authorities for competition regulation. Debate on study cases regarding the prerogatives, roles and legal limits of the activity of the Romanian Competition Council and of the ANRE concerning the regulation of energy prices

  • How to use the simple methodology advanced by the Portuguese Competition Authority (2003-2007): scrutiny – performance – resources – benefits –  institutional reforms – pay-off

  • The case of the Romanian Competition Council from the point of view of social partners, consumers, academia and of the specialised NGOs



   Av. Vasile DELEANU “Deleanu Vasile-Attorneys at Law” - Warwick Legal Network

   Denise THEODORU – Journalist, Radio Romania


Invited Speakers (already confirmed):

·    Prof. Univ. Dr. Petre PRISECARU Romanian University “Gheorghe Cristea”

·    Dr. Lucia IORDACHE – Researcher, World Economy Institute of the Romanian Academy

·    Daniel POPA Deputy General Editor "Piaţa"

·    Dr. Nicolae OACA Telecommunication analyst

·    Ion VACIU Director "Comunicatii Mobile"



17.15-17.30  Final remarks and conclusions



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