The Regional Centre REGENT was established in June 2001 as a result of the Pan-European Conference of the High Representatives of Local/Regional Public Authorities & Europe Houses held in Bucharest, supported by the Open Society Institute, FIME and the European Commission.

Our Centre is aimed to promote: a constructive dialogue and development projects for the benefit of leading urban centres in the Central and South-eastern European area; the improvement of the working style and of the decision-making autonomy of the local/regional public authorities in the region.



Types of activities


Founding - Members of the Network


Name of the person

Name of the organisation


Joerg Hofreiter House of Europe in Graz Austria
Regina Lecointe Mouvement Europeen des Yvelinnes France
Eric Dumoulin City Hall of Chatou France
Bagaturia George The Center of Public Policy Georgia
Nils Bunjes Europa Zentrum Baden-Wuertiemberg Germany
Thomas Achelis CERP Germany
Richard Witt House of Euroe Thessaloniki Greece
Antonio Venece House of Europe in Rome Italy
Clemente Venece House of Europe in Rome Italy
Michele Russo Local Council of Forli del Sannio Italy
Mario Lombardi Casa di Europa of Roccasicura in Rome Italy
Valentin Ciumas City Hall of Chisinau Moldova
Joao Goncalves Europe House in Madeira Portugal
Ghise Ioan City Hall of Brasov Romania
Marcu Alexandru UNCPR Romania
Condila Marina UNCPR Romania
Gheorghe Naghiu UNCPR Romania
R‚mniceanu Vicentiu "EUROLINK" Branch in Ploiesti Romania
Mihai Dorel “EUROLINK” Branch in Constanta Romania
Manuela Vitu Ministry of Development and Prognosis Romania
Dorin Rusu ELSA Romania
Virgil Oprea The Institute for Public Services Romania
Lucian Feodorov CRLR Romania
Dan Ratiu TVR Timisoara Romania
Diana Gherghel TVR Timisoara Romania
Bucurenciu Gabriela ELSA Sibiu Romania
Ion Vaciu Internet Society Romania Romania
Anca Vaciu CIR UNESCO Romania
Davidescu Stefan Employer Organisation Buzau Romania
Silvia Poenaru ING Nederlanden Romania
Andrei Klosz ING Nederlanden Romania
Alina Nica ING Nederlanden Romania
Bogdan Lepadatu Ministry of Public Administration Romania
Gabriela Blebea Civic Education Project Romania
Tatiana Ciumac PRIMA TV Bucharest Romania
Sorin Ciutacu Western University in Timisoara Romania
Paul Dugneanu Ovidius University in Constanta Romania
Stefan Rosu Estuar Foundation Constanta Romania
Erdely Istvan "EUROLINK" Branch in Tg. Mures Romania
Adrian Nicolae Blebea Foundation Romania
Jean Ilunga Solidaritatea Universitara Association Romania
Boris Savle Evropska Hisa Nova Gorica Slovenia
Ernesto Santamaria Propez Consulting Spain
Magnenat Raphael Met-Maison Europe Transjurassienne Switzerland
Chris Foote-Wood Local Government Group for Europe UK
Richard Wassell Centre for Europe UK
Milan Milosevic European Movement Smed. Palanka Yugoslavia
Miloje Radosavljevic Municipal Assembly Smed. Palanka Yugoslavia

New affiliated members of the network:

Maria Deszerine Foundation for Market Economy Hungary
Zoran Ilieski Youth Council of Prilep Macedonia
Ion Osoianu House of Europe in Chisinau Moldova
Gheorghe Ciuhandu Mayor of the Municipality of Timisoara Romania
Goran Mitrovic People's Parliament Association in Leskovac Serbia-Montenegro

Press release


European Reunion for the Partnership of Local Authorities
with the Civil Society in Central and South-Eastern Europe

Between 22 and 24 June 2001, at the Athenee-Palace HILTON Hotel in the Capital it took place the First Pan-European Reunion of the representatives of local public authorities and of the organisations of civil society aimed at launching a Common Platform of Regional Action in Central and South-Eastern Europe. This Platform has been adopted in unanimity and is aimed at making up a work basis for a harmonised promotion of multinational partnership projects between the local / regional authorities and the civil society in the Capitals of the countries candidate to the European Union.

The Reunion has been organised by "EUROLINK" House of Europe in Bucharest, member of the International Federation of Europe Houses (FIME), in co-operation with the Association of Municipalities in Romania, with the financial support of the Foundation for an Open Society, FIME, the European Commission and the Romanian Commercial Bank, under the High Patronage of H.E. Mr. Traian Basescu. Representatives of 14 European Capitals and municipalities took part at the Reunion and are to join their efforts to other European networks like EUROCAPITALES (Paris) and SCENE (Vienna) in view of promoting cross-border co-operation and European solidarity through projects of common interest.

Within the official receival of the delegations of the Reunion at the City Hall of Bucharest Municipality, in the presence of the press, Mr. Traian Basescu stated his personal decision of directly supporting the foundation of a Regional Centre for Partnership between the Local/Regional Authorities and the Nongovernmental Sector with its head office in Bucharest. Projects of common interest for the cities and countries represented will be developed within the newly created network on the basis of fundings received within the Stability Pact in South Eastern Europe and of the support offered by the organisms of the European Union. In this context, at the proposal of the British delegates, the General Mayor signed an affiliation request for membership to the organisation for co-operation EUROCITIES in answer to the salute addressed by the General Secretary Office of this organisation with its Head Office in Brussels.

On the same occasion, on Friday, June 22nd, 2001, there have been awarded for the first time in our country, within a ceremony organised at the House of the Romanian Scientists of the Romanian Academy, the "Personality of the Year 2000 for a European Romania" distinctions. These distinctions are aimed at acknowledging and rewarding outstanding personalities not engaged in partisan policy who have exceptional deserts in bringing the development standards of Romania closer to those of the European Union. We annex below the list of the names of the awarded personalities as well as the individual motivation standing at the basis of the awarding.

The Department for Public Relations of "EUROLINK" House of Europe

Bucharest Romania

Common Platform



The participants to the works of the pan-European Reunion "The Vocation of Central and Eastern European National/Regional Capitals in Accelerating the Accession of the Candidates-States to the European Union" in Bucharest between June 22nd-24th 2001, as representatives of the local / regional authorities from 12 European cities,

aware of the importance represented by the establishment of a new type of partnership in Central and South Eastern Europe between the public local and regional authorities of the national/regional Capitals of the Member States of the Council of Europe and of OSCE,

in view of avoiding the rising of new artificial borders and of generating new sources of instability in the region,

as well as in view of establishing new credible and modern interest-groups, following the model offered by the European Union, in order to make their loyal competition and dialogue be advantageous to the society as a whole,

for a harmonized support of the implementation of democratic principles, characteristic for an active European citizenship at the level of the local communities and regions in the concerned area looking forward to strengthen democracy,

for diminishing the gaps, anachronisms and historical errors in the process of development and rebuilding of the regions affected by totalitarianism,

launch a Call to all the public local and regional authorities in Europe for the shaping of a Common Platform of Regional Action in Central and South-Eastern Europe intended to promote multi-national and cross-border projects and of inter-cultural co-operation as well, projects which should contribute to the acceleration of the European unification process and to a faster reinsertion of all the Capitals in the region within the common cultural patrimony and within the European stream of cultural exchanges and at the other levels of common interest.

Towards this end, the participants would like to express their gratitude for the support of the Foundation for an Open Society, of the International Federation of Europe Houses (FIME) and of the European Commission, of all the other generous sponsors who made possible the organisation of this Reunion.

The participants propose taht the objectives mentioned in the Common Platform of Regional Action in Central and South-Eastern Europe should be initiated and supported with the aid of a Centre for Partnership between Public Local/Regional Authorities and the Nongovernmental Organisations in Central and South Eastern Europe, Centre which will be hosted by the City Hall of Bucharest.

The Centre which is to be founded addresses a call to the international and European organisations, to the business and bank sector to join in a constructive manner for the support of this common initiative which should put into practice, according to the principle of European subsidiarity, the objectives of the Stability Pact in South Eastern Europe and of the process for preparation in view of the enlargement of the European Union.

The participants also welcome the initiative of the recently established network SCENE, founded at the suggestion of the European Academy in Vienna, network which will constitute a strategic partner for our Common Platform for Regional Action.

The participants also hope to continue the collaboration with other governmental and nongovernmental organizations interested in the objectives we have proposed.

They reconfirm that they will focus all their efforts to the aim of applying this Platform and that the projects which are to be launched will be developed within FIME and with the support of other centers in the spirit of the ideas of open partnership and of support of the ideals of the united Europe.

Bucharest, 24 June 2001




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