Under the Honorary Patronage of the Chairmanship of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)

Black Sea Basin - Danube Region:
New Financing for Social & Economic Sustainable Change


You represent an organisation or a group of organisations already developing a regional cross-border initiative or trying to expand your previous initiative. Please enroll and briefly describe your regional initiative and precise its strong points, reason of extention, inter-disciplinary dimension and further compexification aim.

The enrollment procedures are opened!

Register your INITIATIVE for the Regional Fair Competition
Deadline: 9th of May 2011

Regional Network "Black Sea - Danube Social & Economic Innovation" - benefits of the members

Under the Honorary Chairmanship of the ex-Deputy Secretary General of United Nations, H.E. Ambassador Dr. Liviu BOTA, the Regional Network "Black Sea - Danube Social & Economic Innovation" will be directly involved in the Consultation Components for the implementation of the two EU Strategies through specific activities of International Relations and Institutional Lobby.

In this respect, as technical coordinator, EUROLINK-House of Europe will ensure 7 types of benefits for its Corporate Members:

  1. Prime quality insight information on the partnership, financing and application concrete opportunities in the entire area of EU current or further programmes.
  2. Adequate representation of interests (institutional lobby) related to the central EU institutions, from the joint committees within the concerned Member States, and other innovation networks in Europe, as EUCLID (London), the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (Budapest) etc.
  3. Advocacy in favor the most exciting initiatives and projects until their short listing between the financing EU/international priorities.
  4. Flexible negotiations mechanism with cross-border or transnational motivated potential partners in order to be involved within further consortia or contractors within projects.
  5. Rapid and creative incubation of the most innovative ideas through rendering more fluent the know-how transfer, the multiplication of good practices and precedent results, knowledge sharing within our Network and sub-collaborative networks to be established.
  6. Public and balanced visibility in order to mobilise and generate loyal stakeholders, including deploying consultations, debates, training and networking sessions.
  7. Internal network inter-communication and PR within our Network, as well as with the other levels of co-lateral public or private actors which are becoming crucial within the strategic development of operations.

In order to benefit of all these competitive advantages, the interested parts are invited to ask if needed more details and enroll just NOW to the Founding Session within the Regional Fair on 20 May, 13.30 hours.