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At the invitation of our partner institution in the United Kingdom, Center for Europe in London, the Municipality of Bucharest joined the important pan-European organisation called EUROCITIES, located in Brussels and appointed Ms. Ivona Merca as representative of the General Mayor of Bucharest to this organisation. An exchange visit of the General Mayor was realized to London, where he met the Director of our counterpart institution, active also within the EUROCAPITALS Forum established by the European Movement.

The South-Eastern and CEEC members of the SCENE Network were invited to attend the third edition of the EUROCAPITALS FORUM, organised with the support of the European Movement, European Parliament, City Council of Paris Municipality and FIME. On this occasion, REGENT Center representatives informed the participants about the Regional Platform Initiative to be developed in the future by the Centre. The represented organisations decided to co-operate by exchange of information, know-how and mutual contacts aimed to faster the accession of former communist capitals and States towards the European integration and historical reconciliation and reconstruction.

On the occasion of the Autumn FIME Congress, the working group of the SCENE Network met in Otznehausen (Germany) at the H.Q. of the European Academy. The REGENT Centre was also present at the working group.

As a recognition of the REGENT CENTRE support granted to the reform of the public administration in Romania, the Executive President, Mr. Sever Avram was designed as member of the Consultative College of the Romanian Agency of the Civil Servants - ANFP (belonging to the Romanian Government). On the occasion of the first meeting of the College, the REGENT Centre and the multi-country initiative of SCENE network were presented. The members of the College were also informed on further emerging national and regional projects connected to the REGENT Centre and the SCENE Network.

On the occasion of the Congress of Local and Regional Powers, members of the REGENT Centre and SCENE Network, representing the NGO sector, local development agencies as well local and regional authorities partner institutions, were invited to attend the SOUTH-EASTERN FORUM OF CITIES AND REGIONS under the title "Promoting partnerships with cities and regions of SEE", organised in Istanbul (Turkey) by the Congress of Local and Regional Powers in Europe. The representatives of REGENT Platform/SCENE network met and exchanged views concerning the establishment of partnership between local and regional authorities.

Our counter-part in Croatia, member of the SCENE Network, the House of Europe in Zagreb decided to co-operate with our organisation and other SEEC members of the SCENE network and REGENT Platform, in order to organise in Zagreb an important Balkan Conference sponsored by the World Bank: "Europe Central Asia NGO Working Group Assemble" (ECA NGO WG)".

The CEE and SEEC representatives within the SCENE network met at the Seminar: "The Role of the Media in the process of Democratization, Stabilizing and Reconstructing the SEE Region", in Vienna, for debating the role of the media in the process of democratization, stabilizing and reconstructing the SEE region. The REGENT Centre was also represented.

As the Secretary General of FIME decided to devote a grant to the REGENT project proposal "The Principles of Good Governance in the New Europe", we met SCENE members again in Sinaia (Romania). The project was carried through in co-operation with the Secretary Office of the Special Envoy of the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe, and supported by the Romanian Agency of Civil Servants, Local Council of Sinaia and the Royal Embassy of Netherlands in Romania.

SCENE Network members met at the International Conference: "Changing Security: A New Role of the European Commission" in Baden (Austria). The REGENT Centre was also represented.

On the occasion of the Spring FIME Conference, the working group of the SCENE Network met in Otznehausen (Germany) at the H.Q. of the European Academy. The REGENT Centre representatives were also present.

We organised a meeting and discussion with the Mayor of Lugoj, Mr. Marius MARTINESCU on the prospective development of the Municipality of Lugoj, in view of its cross-border co-operation and further European integration. This event was largely reflected in the local and regional media.

On the occasion of the sixth anniversary of EUROLINK - House of Europe, we organised a special Public Debate in Timisoara, under the High Patronage of the Mayor of Timisoara, dedicated to the “Key-Role of Timisoara and of the Western Region in the accession process to the EU”. We analysed the study-case of intercultural diversity and inter-ethnic harmony of Timisoara, as an example to be promoted for the association/stabilisation process and regional integration in South-Eastern Europe. The following newspapers presented the event: REDESTEPTAREA, ZIUA DE VEST, RENASTEREA BANATEANA, PRIMA ORA, AGENDA ZILEI, MAGYAR SZO, NEUS BANATER ZEITUNG.

We participated to the International Conference in Brussels (Belgium), entitled "Europe in the World", organised by a consortium of UK NGOs and supported by TRIALOG (Austria) and the Development Ministry of the Netherlands. The event dedicated to debate the future EU role for supporting the developing countries and ensure a stable framework for the humanitarian aid, after the adoption of the European Constitution and the EU institutional reform.

We supported the twinning process between the small town Recas, in the TIMIS County (Romania) and Manduria (South of Italy). In this context, an official ceremony, a study visit and a Gala Dinner was offered with the support of Local Council of Recas in the honour of the Italian guests. The event was reflected by the local and regional media.

As representatives in Romania of EUROCAPITALES Network, we participated to the 5th edition of the Eurocapitales Forums, which took place in Helsinki (Finland). We met high Finnish officials and responsible of the European Council of Local and Regional Powers and of Metropolitan authorities, in order to initiate further common Euro-regional projects. More details about the international activities of the network could be found at:

We receive the visit of Italian educational operators, able to establish joint adult educational projects involving young Romanian students and experts in the areas of management, economics, IT&C etc. This is a part of a twinning process with various cities in the Region of Puglia (Italy) aimed to support Euro-regional co-operation within the framework of INTERREG and LEADER programs of the European Union.   



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