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Second Training Session Module
Central and South-Eastern Europe at the EU's doorstep.
Developing a communications strategy

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Sighisoara (Schaessburg/Segesvar)
Transsylvania, Romania

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The representative of FIME (International Federation of Europe Houses) in Romania,
EUROLINK - HOUSE OF EUROPE, is delighted to invite you to enroll to the
Second Training Session Module of the Central and South-Eastern European Academy in Public Relations & Lobby (EU–PROCESS ACADEMY), to be deployed in Sighisoara (Romania)

Organiser:    EUROLINK - House of Europe

National Coordinator of the Advocacy Campaign "ACT4EUROPE"
Member of the International Federation of Europe Houses (FIME)

under the Honorary Patronage of:
H.E. Dipl. Eng. Dorin Danesan

Mayor of the Municipality of Sighisoara

Co-operation partners:
City Hall of Sighisoara
Romanian Centre for Global Studies
Global Contract Foundation, Hamburg
Institute for Free Enterprise, Berlin

General description of the project:

The project is a complex 2 years information/educational macro-project involving participants in the Central and South-Eastern Europe, mainly from Romania, Bulgaria, and the other Associate States. During the operation, we will organise a General Public Debate, designed to disseminate and multiply the results of the works, followed by a Press Conference, publicised through the media partners of the project.

As a follow-up, we will consolidate our Internet Forum of Debates and the Alumni Information/Assistance Network. Also, after the completion of the project, thanks to the EU partners, a 3 to 6 months Internship opportunities within EU governmental and non-governmental institutions will be provided to the best five selected participants.


This second training session will take place in the Middle-Age German Citadel of Sighisoara built in the XIVth century.

Working style:

The Academy is to use a strong pro-active approach, with study-cases on how to set-up a successful lobby strategy/advocacy campaign to EU institutions and domestic authorities.

The main aim of the training session is to equip the participants with the essential tools for strategy development, whilst the training will focus strictly on the accession and communications strategies of the Candidate/Associate States. The seminar is structured in lectures and interactive workshop. The participants will develop communication strategies for their countries, which they may use during the further negotiations/partnership process in relation with the EU institutions, especially after the 2004 wave of enlargement. The training is to use a strong pro-active approach, with study-cases on how to set-up a successful communication strategy to EU institutions and domestic authorities.

The works will be held in English language

Trainers, moderators and guest-speakers:

The workshops will be conducted by experienced EU consultants/advisers in International Affairs, Economics, European Law, in EU Reform and advocacy/lobby techniques:

Romanian moderators:

Special Guest-Speakers:


Experts, managers, negotiators, facilitators and co-ordinators of Communication/Media/PR departments, spokespersons from business companies, public authorities, unions, employer organisations, NGO sector, other practitioners in the field of European integration and International Relations.

Countries of origin: Member States of the Stability Pact, countries in the cross-border region, EU Member States, USA.


Total costs covering  personal folders, methodological materials, registration and  tuition: 300 Euro

Board, lodging, welcome and fare wellcome receptions, and cultural program and local excursion are free of charge !

For foreign and non-local participants, we will offer accommodation in REX Hotel, in double rooms with bathroom, satellite TV and refrigerator. A supplement of 70 Euro/person, covering the whole period, is needed, if you would like to be accomodated in a single room.

For reservations, please use the bellow reservation form. We shall confirm your place after receiving your reservation form. You could then receive an invoice. Please notice that the foreign participation is normally limited to maximum 15 individuals.

In order to validate your enrolment, you have to transfer in advance a minimum non-refundable amount of 100 Euro/person, in the following bank account: EUROLINK - House of Europe, Banca Comerciala Romana - Stefan cel Mare branch, account no.: 2511.1-6196.5 /EUR, SWIFT: RNCBROBU. The validation will be proceeded following the order of receiving your applications.



Second Training Session - Sighisoara, Romania

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