EUROLINK-House of Europe Foundation, under the aegis of the CEFTAC Platform, in partnership with the Romanian Competition Council and the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, initiated since 2005, the deployment of the European Competition & Competitivness Day in Romania.

The current edition is organised with the kind support of the Cotroceni National Museum, on the 27th of November 2014.

This conference will reunite the most relevant leaders and decision-makers from the local public authorities, ministries, financial and banking institutions, academia and business associations in order to support the harmonisation process of selection criteria and of bankability of projects, especially in the field of infrastructure and research-innovation projects. Such a need was detected within our consultation with the commercial banks, economic and commercial offices of Danubian embassies in Romania, bankers and mayors and it takes into consideration the deep changes in the financing of the complex and major projects in the EU planning period 2014-2020.

More information at: or phone/fax: (+4)021.2304997.
Contact Person: Sandu Zamfirescu.

European Competition and Competitiveness Day in Romania!

The main event dedicated to the relation Competition - Competitiveness - Innovation

Awarding ceremony of the annual distinctions "Personality of the Year for a European Romania" (XIIth edition)

Inspired by the tradition established in 2001, on the basis of wide consultation with its members and partners, EUROLINK-House of Europe Foundation honors, during a special gala ceremony, the most remarkable efforts made by personalities in Europe and in Romania for approaching the Romanian society to European principles, values and standards, through awarding the Annual distinction "Personality of the year for a European Romania".

The national competition "ROMANIAN BUSINESS CHAMPIONS"


The Diplomas of Excellence "Romanian Business Champions" were awarded for the very first time in the spirit of the European Commission recommendations, under the motto "Training Business Champions!" - during the European SME Week in 2010. The most profitable and innovative projects / companies in Romania will be rewarded in the fifth edition with the Trophy "Romanian Business Champions" within a ceremony during the European Competition & Competitiveness Day in Romania.

Diplomas of Excellence for "European Journalism"


Taking into account the gradual loss of confidence and prestige for mass-media, the Diplomas of Excellence for "European Journalism" (eighth edition) aim to raise awareness on the importance of focusing on the European integration and unification processes - in all areas of society -, as well as to increase the standards of consistency, objectivity, professional ethics, civic engagement, responsibility and proactive approach recommended by the relevant bodies at European level.

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