The Strategic Confluence between Black Sea and Danube -
the gate towards new innovative investment opportunities

Special Guests and Key-Speakers:

Prospective list

    Sever AVRAM
    Sever AVRAM - Executive President of EUROLINK-House of Europe / Coordinator of "EU-RO Clearing Funds" Platform

    Jamil BENABDALLAH - evaluator for the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme / Senior Consultant - Detente Consultants group (Paris)

    Viorica BISCA - Governor of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (DDBR)

    Marius BOSTAN
    Marius BOSTAN - President - National Foundation of Young Managers (FNTM)

    Ambasador Liviu BOTA
    Ambasador Liviu BOTA - ex-Deputy Secretary General of United Nations Organisation / Honorary President of EUROLINK-House of Europe

    Stefan BUCIUSCANU - Embassy of Republic of Moldova in Romania

    Senator Alexandru CORDOS (t.b.c.) - Committee for Labour, Family and Social Protection, Senate of Romania

    Prof. Carmen COSTEA - Evaluator FP7 - European Commission / Academy of Economic Studies / Alternative Sciences Association in Romania

    Raluca Daniela DANILA - Head of Management and Projects Department - National Company Maritime Danube Ports Administration Galati

    Marian DOBRILA - Vice-President - Association of Romanian Consultants for the Accession of European Funds (ACRAFE)

    Alexandru Ioan ENE - Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Responsible for the relation with the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation

    Ambassador Andrea Gustovic ERCEGOVAC - Embassy of Croatia in Romania

    Ambasador Lucian FATU
    Ambassador Lucian FATU - General Director, EU Strategy for the Danube Region - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Dr. Georgeta GHETE - President - Professional Association for Quality in Training for Public Administration (CINAQ)

    Academician Cristian HERA - Vice-President of the Romanian Academy

    Jurgen HEISSEL - Minister Counsellor, Embassy of Austria

    Dr. Costin LIANU - Coordinator National Export Strategy - Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment

    Petru LUHAN
    Petru LUHAN - Member of the European Parliament, Regional Development Committee, European Parliament

    Damir MASIC - Counsellor, Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Bucharest

    Marin PANDZIC - Embassy of Croatia in Romania

    Minister Rovana PLUMB (t.b.c.) - Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of Romania

    Dan POPA - Financial Analyst, HotNews

    Ambassador Zoran POPOVIC Ambassador Zoran POPOVIC - Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Bucharest / Chairmanship of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)

    Dr. Rolanda PREDESCU - Director - National Agency for Sciencific Research, Ministry of Education

    Prof. Univ. Dr. Petre PRISECARU - World Economy Institute of the Romanian Academy

    Dr. Ionut PURICA
    Dr. Ionut PURICA - Executive Director of the Advisory Centre for Energy and Environment

    Ambassador Iurie RENITA - Embassy of Republic of Moldova in Romania

    Florin SAGHI - Minister Counsellor, former negociator for the Schengen Agreement

    Octavian SERBAN
    Octavian SERBAN - Certified Knowledge Management Consultant / President of Knowledge Management Institute - Romania

    Andrei TARNEA - Director, Aspen Institute Romania

    Maria TOGHINA - Adviser to the President of Radio Romania

Open Competition

A multi-national competition is officially launched in order to reward the most appealing and effective regional cooperation ideas, initiatives, project and networks, co-financed or to be financed by the European Funds in the Black Sea Basin / Danube Region.

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