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Bucharest, Palace of the Parliament, "Constantin Brancusi" Hall - 12 November 2009

Event organised with the kind support of the Embassy of Sweden in Romania


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European Competition and Competitiveness Day in Romania

     What is the Competition Day?

- an annual event of the Romanian civil society, aimed to maintain a parallel monitoring / evaluation of the crucial relationship between competition, competitiveness and the consumers' rights..



The European Competition Day is organised by each EU Presidency since 2000.

Assuming as a model this European best practice, EUROLINK-House of Europe, under the aegis of the CEFTAC Platform (Central European Advocacy for a Fair and Transparent Competition) initiated, since 2005, the organisation of “European Competition & Competitiveness Day in Romania”.



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Welcome to the fifth edition!

Palace of the Parliament,

"Constantin Brancusi" Hall

12 November 2009

     What are our goals?

   to establish a short-term recommended strategy and measures for the authorities, decision makers and the business community in view of fulfilling the EU requirements concerning the competition within the European Single Market;

   to contribute to the increasing of the awareness of consumers' association and other NGOs as concerns the importance of a larger dissemination of the competition culture;

   to stimulate the dialogue and know-how transfer between foreign investors/managers   working in Romania and the Romanian partners/employers involved in the process of economic integration, competition policy enforcement and standardisation within the European Single Market;

   to multiply the best practices in the competition field, already assimilated by the new Member States, in view of accelerating the whole process of economic and social integration.

     Who can participate?

The event is dedicated to all categories of people interested by the competition field, but especially to the following target-groups:

   Lawyers and competition consultants

   Leaders of professional associations and of the business environment

   Experts and managers in the economic and juridical fields

   Managers from the public and private sectors

   Leaders of NGOs, especially those specialised in the field of consumer protection

   Civil servants from ministries and relevant institutions in the field of competition


     List of invited guests


     Mr. Sever AVRAM - President, EUROLINK-House of Europe


     Mrs Daniela Miruna BOHALTEA - National Authority for the Regulation and Monitoring of Public Procurement  (ANRMAP)


    Dl Stefan CIOBANU - General Director, Authority for Coordination of Structural Instruments (ACIS)


     Prof. Univ. Dr. Carmen COSTEA - President, Alternative Sciences Association  / ASE


     Dna Magda DINU - Head of Evaluation Department, Ministry of Public Finance


     Dl Eugen DOBRESCU - Director, Market Monitoring Department, ANPC


    Mrs. Georgeta GHETE - Director, Regional Training Centre for Local Public Administration Bucharest


     Mr. Andreas JOHANSSON - Secretary II, Embassy of Sweden


     Mr. Eduard LOVIN - Executive Director, Regulation Executive Division, ANCOM


     Mrs.  Chita PRELIPCEAN - National Authority for Consumers' Protection


     Prof. Univ. Dr. Petre PRISECARU - Head of European Integration Department,  Institute of World Economy of the Romanian Academy


     Mr. Andrei UNGUREANU - Lawyer / Senior Partner, Deleanu Vasile-Attorneys at Law


Awarding Ceremony of the Diplomas of Excellence for European Journalism

First Part - The New Financial Opportunities for the Business Environment provided by the EU State Aid Schemes


Second Part - The Current and Desirable Reaction of the Competition Council and of other regulation bodies  (ANRE, ANC, BNR etc) for reducing the consequences of the European/global crisis in Romania. The specific ways tailored for the needs of the business sector

Third Part - The Open Club for practical financial solutions: the system of co-financing of projects via the programmes supported from the EU Structural Funds – already a failed opportunity for the Romanian business sector?




     Press releases (Romanian version only)

29 September 2009 - "Dupa criza, ce fel de concurenta economica vom avea pe piata din Romania?"


3 Novemeber  2009 - Ajutoarele de Stat UE ca sansa de relansare economica a statelor membre


12 noiembrie 2009 - Ceremonia de decernare a Diplomelor de Excelenta pentru Jurnalism European


  Competition Council - Executive Summary of the Report "Single Market, National Market: Competition Policy in Key Sectors"


Executive Report - European Competition and Competitiveness in Romania (ed. V)



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Secretariat of the Organising Consortium

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