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Launching the National Network for the Danube Region

Registration open: Palace of the Parliament, 27-28 September 2012

Bucharest, 3 September 2012

After the Baltic Sea, the Danube Region is the second area where the EU has developed and approved a special financing strategy, following the work carried out jointly by Austria and Romania, but in particular with the support of the most important German states, Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. Fortunately, all counties in Romania are eligible to receive funding in the future for the practical implementation of this vast program.

Therefore, it would be a shame to waste this great opportunity, as it happened in the past, in a great extent, to the Structural Funds. Large areas of activity need European money, Romania focusing mainly on: transport/infrastructure, tourism/heritage, environment/management of emergency situations.

By establishing the "Integrated Development: Danube-Black Sea" Action Group, within the Consultative Council for EUSDR, created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have already set up the basis to a complex action platform. The upcoming official launching of the International Honorary Chair for EUSDR, under the Presidency of H.E. Mr. Ambassador Liviu Bota, creates the desirable premises for a dynamic and constructive approach from now on.

Therefore, all leaders, managers and other officials from the public sector and the businesses environment are called to realize the importance of this turning point and actively join this initiative, in order to enjoy the benefits of participating to the first National Network of Promoters, Facilitators and Experts for the Implementation of EUSDR. The inauguration takes place on September 27th, 2012, at the Palace of the Parliament in the presence of the representatives of the main institutions that support, directly or indirectly, the reconstruction of the Danube Region and the involvement of Romania in this project site.

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