Danube Region Stakeholders Club

Second reunion - Romanian Banking Institute, March 7th, 2013

Gala Campioni Romani in Afaceri
Sesiune Training Galati 2012
Scoala Banilor Europeni 2012
Ziua Europeana a Concurentei si Competitivitatii 2007
Ziua Maritima Europeana


Since the year 2011, according to the new strategy of Macro-region covering 14 Danube river-side states, shortly called EUSDR, we have a clear road-map and a guideliness document. So, we could manage closing the development gaps, including in Romania, partner along with Austria to this large-scale changing project for the 21st century.

This strategy is not a patch project, instead it was designed from the beginning to duplicate the best practices of the Baltic Sea Strategy, in a mosaic-like geographic area, within complex financial packages from joint EU projects, but also by endorsing successful coalition/partnerships for major investments in all major areas: infrastructure, environment, energy, tourism, cultural heritage, institutional reforms etc.


Danube Region Stakeholders Club Meeting
Romanian Banking Institute (3 Negru Voda Str.)
March 7th, 2013 (14.00 - 18.00 hours)

"Administrative-territorial reform and regionalization in Romania: the chance of a European integrated approach linking the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR)"

- proposal for a Position Paper in support of policymakers related to effective correlation of regional reorganization and reform of territorial cooperation through EUSD

Guest of Honor:

  • Liviu DRAGNEA (or representative) - Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration

Special Guests:

  • Prof. Napoleon POP - NBR Board Representative

  • Prof. Marius Constantin PROFIROIU - Academy of Economic Studies (ASE)

  • Prof. Peter PRISECARU - World Economy Institute of the Romanian Academy

  • Sever AVRAM – Leader of the “Danube-Black Sea”Action Group

"Internal consultation with stake-holders and corporate members on topics and of the third edition of Black Sea - Danube Regional Network for Social and Economic Innovation"

- priority areas to be proposed coalition projects are: tourism and cruise the Danube to the Black Sea coastal tourism, energy and connectivity, social innovation to tackle youth unemployment.

Guests of Honor:

  • David COSTELLO - The representative of the EU Presidency, Embassy of Ireland

  • H.E. Ambassador Ms. Kalliopi AVRAAM - Embassy of Cyprus

  • H.E. Mr. Ambassador Michael SCHWARZINGER - Embassy of Austria

Special Guests:

  • Dr. Olivia COMŞA – European Expert

  • Dr. Teofil GHERCA – Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration

  • Dr. Ionut PURICA – Institute of Economic Forecasting, Romanian Academy

  • Dr. Cosmin DUGAN – Representative of Black Sea University Foundation

  • Jamil BENABDALLAH – Consultant, Detente Consultants

"Awarding Ceremony: Diplomas of Excellence
Danube Career Woman"

Provisional list:

  • Anca BARTHA (Business woman)

  • Aurelia CRISTEA (Deputy – Parliament of Romania)

  • Dana COMSA (CSCBAS Honorary Scientific Researcher)

  • Olivia COMSA (EU Expert)

  • Maria GRAPINI (Minister-delegate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Tourism and Business Milieu)

  • Brandusa PREDESCU (Minister Plenipotentiary – MFA; EUSDR National Coordinator)

  • Mirela ROMAN (Public Relation Specialist – National Bank of Romania)

  • Cristiana SIRBU (Executive President - "Initiative Group Environmental and Sustainable Development" Foundation)

  • Camelia SPATARU (TV Producer - Giga TV))

  • Victoria STOICIU (Programme Director - Friedrich Ebert Foundation Romania)

The awarded personalities of the first edition will receive gift packages from LUSH ROMANIA.

"Networking & lobby. Vin d’honneur"