International Competition

A multinational competition is launched in order to reward the most appealing and effective regional cooperation ideas, initiatives, project and networks, co-financed or to be financed by the European Funds in the Black Sea Basin / Danube Region.

The general aim of the competition is to contribute to an increased social and economic transformation and integration of the linked European regions – Black Sea Basin and Danube Region – through a smarter use and reward of its human innovation potential.

In order to motivate and help especially the civil society and academic innovators, the Competition represents an international call for most innovative ideas, past experiences and networks’ ways of action to be better known and transferred at a much larger scale in the two regions.

Committee of Selection

The International Committee of Selection is chaired by Academician Alexandru T. BOGDAN – Director of the Biodiversity Centre of the Romanian Academy. The other members of the committee are:

  • Sever AVRAM – Executive President, EUROLINK-House of Europe
  • Jamil BENABDALLAH – Consultant, Detente Consultants
  • Olivia COMŞA – Euratom Expert (Brussels)
  • Prince Michel de LAUFENBOURG – Secretary General, GIEDD Foundation
  • Iolanda MIHALACHE – President, PartNET Association
  • Wienfried SENKER – President, East-West Management München-Bukarest
  • Octavian ŞERBAN – President, Knowledge Management Institute/Knomacons
  • Ion VACIU – Director, Comunicatii Mobile



Choose your category of interest from the options below:

ideasThe IDEA:

You are an organisation which already identified a financing line / EU scheme in order to apply. In the situation of looking for additional partner(s), please enroll and give a short description of your idea, indicating suitable partners for your project.


initiativesThe INITIATIVE:

You represent an organisation or a group of organisations already developing a regional cross-border initiative or trying to expand your previous initiative. Please enroll and briefly describe your regional initiative and precise its strong points, reason of extention, inter-disciplinary dimension and further compexification aim.


networksThe NETWORK:

A large type of regional co-operation networks already have developed and are currently active in the two target regions. In order to stimulate further creative developments, please enroll your international network, stressing its original focus, international membership, cross-border impact and innovative strategies to be extended in the future.


projectsThe PROJECT:

An increase variety of financing opportunities for Black Sea – Danubian projects is now available. The implemented projects could serve as an excellent basis of best practices transfer for new projects. Please enroll your project, stressing its concrete achievements, media reflection, intended ways of promotion and estimated further continuation after the ending of EU financing.

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